Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Not For the Vanity of The Rich, There Would Be No Professional Sports

How many people do you know that have no idea who their congressman is or what legislation is currently before congress, but can tell you the starting line-up of a team half way across the country.  How many of these same people complain about their rich boss, or just the rich in general.  Truly, the extent of their political commentary often centers around the inequities of the economic system, with no solutions.  Arguing with these people is infuriating because they are as whiny as an Obama rally attendee. 
These same people will complain about how the ownership of their favorite team is not spending enough on payroll to get the type of talent needed to win the big game.  In their view, it is almost like a form of economic redistribution, stealing money from the rich owner to give to the rich player for the enjoyment of the poor fan.  Suppose the ownership shrugged and said forget the headaches and complaints, choosing instead to fold up the franchise.  Where would that leave the fans.
What these fans don't realize is that it is only the vanity of the very rich they complain about that allows for the type of professional sports they enjoy.  Sure, many teams operate at a considerable profit.  Football does revenue sharing, allowing for poor teams to still compete.  But for so many teams, it is only the selfish (this is not a judgement) desire of an owner that allows them to tap into their vast wealth that they achieved through their own individual efforts to purchase a competitive team.  Some owners operate at a loss as a means of community outreach.  While not buying a championship, they at least buy their city a sports team to enjoy. 
The next time one of these complains to you about the rich, tell them that if they really want to punish the rich, they should stop watching sports.   Maybe then they can tune into reality.

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Kansas Bob said...

Question: What is the difference between a ball player with a multi-million dollar salary and an insurance company CEO with a similar salary?

Answer: One of them has to actually produce something or they are out of a job.