Monday, June 27, 2011

Winter's Bone Movie Review

For starters, Winter's Bone is the lowest grossing movie to ever be nominated for an oscar for best picture.  It is a shame, because there is some real craftsmanship on display.   The best compliment I can give this movie is to say that it was more like a frontline drama on life in the Ozarks without the people knowing they were being followed around by cameras.  The setting and acting were very real and convincing.  The story follows a 17 year old girl, Ree, that is struggling to "bring up" her little brother and sister on behalf of her mentally blank mother and her absentee crank cooking father.  All they have to keep them together is their house and their "hundred year old timber land".  But that is put in jeopardy by their father that puts the property up for his bond.  Ree must now find her missing father to ensure that he shows up for court so they don't lose their home.  Ree confronts some very scary Ozark types that are all related in one way or another.  She does so with courage and determination to provide for her family.  Their is a morbidly touching scene as Ree is reunited with her father, full of symbolism.  I give this movie two thumbs up.

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