Monday, July 25, 2011

Bridesmaids Movie Review

I have a rule against seeing comedies, especially rated R comedies.  The only exception I make are romantic comedies for my wife's sake.  Another rule I have is to know a lot about a lot of movies, especially before I see it.  I broke both of these rules this weekend and paid the price.   My wife and I were looking for a movie using my new smart phone.  We had two choices, Captain America, which I have no interest in seeing, but have grown warmer on the idea as it has received very positive reviews, or Bridesmaids, which was the only romantic comedy sounding movie playing.  I decided to go with brides maid because I thought it would be shorter and it started earlier, not for any other reason.  Next time I won't be so dumb.
The only thing I can say is that I have guilt for not having left the movie.  I allowed my desire to not waste my money to outweigh my desire to shelter my eyes and ears from garbage.  My mistake was not realizing that I wasted my money the second I paid my money.  The very first seconds of the movie were raunchy.  To make matters worse, the people behind me did just as poorly of a job screening the movie as I did because they brought their young kids to the late night showing of a rated R movie.   I quickly turned to my wife and asked her what the movie was rated because I thought it was PG-13.  Nope, she said it was R, so I knew it was going to be bad from there on out.  You see, an R rated comedy just means that there will be foul language and innuendo substituting for comedy, and that never makes me laugh.   I hated the movie.  Two thumbs down into the toilet.

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Kansas Bob said...

Gotta wonder what in the world has happened to comedy. I cannot even imagine going to a stand up act.