Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Heart Movie Review

I decided to view this movie because it was so well reviewed and I do think Jeff Bridges is a good actor.  I was a bit skeptical because I don't enjoy country music and didn't want to watch 2 hours of it.  To make a long story short, I finished this movie wanting to own several of the songs featured in the movie.  It is a movie about how it is never too late for redemption and how redemption in this world isn't always full of roses.  In fact, redemption might involve us making the right choices even if those around us offer no forgiveness.   Jeff Bridges does a good job acting and singing and Collin Farrell makes an unlikely cameo as Bridges successful protege, also performing his own songs, despite his Irish accent.  The film also does a good job depicting the functionally disfunctional alcoholic.  One of the craftiest parts of the film involved the low point for the rejuvenated Bridges whereby, while he isn't drunk, his alcoholism is partly to blame for a near tragedy.  The easy thing would have been to show him raging drunk and then have him make his mistake.  Instead, his mistake is made during the process of consuming one drink.  Well done.  I give this movie two thumbs up.


Kansas Bob said...

Good review! The movie surprised me too. I so agree that redemption in this world isn't always full of roses - that was a great observation sir.

jrchaard said...

I loved this lyric from one of the songs "funny how falling feels like flying, for a little while." That does a great job characterizing self-indulgent destruction