Thursday, July 28, 2011

If Facebook were Operated Like the Legal System: From Facebook to Legalbook

What if facebook were operated our civil legal system did.  In order for me to sign up for facebook, I would walk down to the local software engineer store front.  For a $150 an hour consulting fee, he would get me all signed up.  Since I wouldn’t be able to read all of the 1’s and 0’s, he would describe what he sees on the screen.  After I leave the office, I wouldn’t be able to view facebook on my own because I can’t read 1’s and 0’s.  I decide to put my software engineer on retainer so I can have more frequent access to my facebook.  Facebook is only as good as your access to friends.  I decide to friend several of my family members.  My software engineer then must meet with my friends software engineer to discuss the terms of the friendship.   6 months later, I’m free to have my software engineer tell me about my friends updates.  I also want to provide a couple of personal updates.  After I have a meeting with my engineer, he codes the message and assures me it will say what I wanted it to say.  I have to trust him because I can’t read it myself. 
Facebook could easily exist in such a fashion, but it would put its use out of the reach of the common user.  Facebook provides no vital use except to connect people.  The legal system serves a much more important function in our daily lives.  Facebook was designed so that the end user can navigate and use the product with no need to understand what goes on behind the scenes.  Our legal system has been designed to remove the end user from the equation.  A person solicits the help of a lawyer because they have no idea how to use the product.  Lawyers have been working for hundreds of years to create a system in which the end user must pay large portions of money to specialized people to engage in complex procedures to accomplish a substantive result.  Why can’t our legal system be as simple as facebook.  If I want to buy a house, why can’t I just walk up to a person and say I’ll buy their house for x amount of money as of such and such date, sign it and done.  Why do you have to spend an hour signing pieces of paper that you don’t understand at all.  When will Zuckerberg create Legalbook

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Kansas Bob said...

Of course you are forgetting about the new that will let you do simple things like confirm friends and do profile updates.