Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Larry Crowne Movie Review

I actually went to the theater with my wife this weekend and this was the closest thing available we would both watch.  First off, when you watch this movie, you realize that Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are both getting old, which then lets you know that you are also getting old.  Anyway, I suppose the best thing this movie had going for it were low expectations, which it exceeded, but that is to say that it is at the most, watchable.   The characters are cliched and over the top.  Larry Crowne is the ultra-do-gooder that gets downsized from a target like company  (he is fired by Dale Dye who is frequently a military combat consultant on movies, including saving private ryan and band of brothers, which is where the tom hanks connection comes in).  Being divorced and mid-life, he is faced with the very scary prospect of starting over.  He decides to go to college and take 3 classes, which doesn't even make him a full time student.  One of the classes takes him into the company of the speech teacher, Julia Roberts, who has lost interest in teaching and only her only hope is that the class size is less than 10 so she can cancel.  Larry Crowne ends up being student #10 of course.  While at college, Larry joins a motor scooter gang and comes into the friendship of an ultra free spirit that infuses some newness and life into Larry.  As Larry is moving up, Julia is moving down as her marriage with her porn loving husband falls apart.  And guess what, there ends up being a student teacher conference, and yada yada yada, they end up happily ever after.   The movie provided some laughs, especially in the beginning as you didn't really know which direction the movie was trying to go, so you just enjoyed it.  As director hanks began to run out of time, he had to start wrapping things up, which is when the laughs dissipated and he went into full on romantic formula mode.  The unfortunate part of this rushing for climax was that the introduction of formula made you look back at the silliness of the rest of the movie and think that it was more ridiculous than silly.  My overall review would be to say this movie was more ridiculous than silly.  I would only suggest watching this movie as a date movie.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thx for the review! On my NF queue. Suspect we will catch it around Christmas.