Friday, July 22, 2011

National Review Calls for Minimum Wage Reform

In February 2009, I wrote a 10 point plan to economic recovery.  On many of these points, national media and analysts are now coming around and embracing most of these points.  Now, the national review has come out to speak against the ills of the minimum wage, calling for a training wage for teens.  Eliminating the minimum wage was my #1 point to economic recovery because of its trickle down effect on illegals, inflation, and employment.  A training wage for teens is a good start and I would vote for it, but the same principles that go into calling for a training wage should apply to everyone.  Let's just call it off altogether. 

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Kansas Bob said...

I do not think that the issues are all that simplistic. Just consider how adults that make more money because of the minimum wage will have more money to spend and put back into the economy. Seems like the same argument that many conservatives make when they advocate for lower taxes for the most wealthy.

If you are interested in a counterpoint to your blog post you might find this piece titled The Whole Truth about Minimum Wages written by a German economist interesting.