Friday, July 15, 2011

A Serious Man Movie Review

Coen Brother's movies are either hit or miss with me.  Unlike directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, or Darren Aronofsky, I don't enjoy their entire body of work.  I recently watched one of their good movies, True Grit and am about to watch again another of their great movies, No Country for Old Men.  A Serious Man falls into a category of its own.  I neither liked it, like Fargo, nor disliked it like, The Ladykillers.  I enjoyed the deep detail into suburban Jewish life and the attempted allegory of the biblical Job.  However, I didn't enjoy the lack of a conclusion or true story.  This is just a movie of happenings best seen in a TV drama format.  My wife asked me how the movie was with 15 minutes left.  I said that it all depended on how it ended.  What I meant by that was that all of the movie up to that point could be really good or bad depending on how relevant the conclusion was, which ended up being its biggest weakness.   This is a movie about perception on why things happen and how we react when bad things happen for no reason.  While this movie was a black comedy, you could still see some reality in how an essentially good nature guy might react when overwhelmed with the bad.  I would say that the best part of the movie was what issue finally pushed him over the top into making a wrong decision.  Not divorce or work, but a columbia records debt.

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Kansas Bob said...

I knew I had seen it but had to look it up in NF to remember that I gave it one out of five stars. Even reading your review I don't remember much about it.