Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Movie Review

This review is just a guilty pleasure as Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan premiered 29 years ago.  While there may be other movies that have surpassed this movie as my favorite as I've gotten older, there is no movie I have seen more in my life, almost 300 times, and there is no other movie that holds the sentimental #1 spot.   Why is this such a great movie?  Because despite its almost 30 year age, the story and even the special effects are timeless.  As a child, I watched it because I loved the uniforms, the bridge, and the space battles.  For the longest time, when models were not available, I would make little USS Reliant and Enterprise spaceships out of bristle blocks and legos and re-enact the space battles.  As an adult, while I still love the cat and mouse of space, I love the story. 
Star Trek 2 saved the Star Trek franchise.  Star Trek's first venture onto the big screen was a great disappointment.  Aside from the cast and ship, the movie had very little similarity to the tv show.  Nicholas Meyer, the director, did his research.  He realized that a key component in the appeal of Star Trek was the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, as well as the insertion of humor.  Meyer's other contribution was to make the enterprise more like a navy vessel, with more militarism, such as the uniforms and more formality in ranking.  He also made the torpedo room similar to old sailors ramming in a shell into the barrel of a cannon, just in time for a broad side.  And we see this happen as the enterprise and reliant exchange their round of fire, with each passing each other side by side in traveling in opposite directions, shooting phasers along the side of the other ship.   You could almost imagine the ships out in the ocean.
Ultimately, ST2 is about revenge and coming to terms with age.  For Khan, he was driven by revenge alone, just as Ahab was in Moby Dick, to which Khan frequently quotes.  For Kirk, he was dealing with his mid life crisis as he looked back on his life and only saw regret and was unable to see the future.  Khan is destroyed, Kirk loses the part of himself, Spock, but through it all, finds his youth anew.  In the shadow of the birth of the genesis planet, Kirk is renewed.  This movie is not action, or science fiction.  It is a character movie set in the mid 23rd century.  I give it 3 thumbs up.

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Kansas Bob said...

I did not know that you liked this movie. Do you like it better than Blood? I like it way better than Blood. :)