Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Movie Review

I don't care much for action movies.  Action movies simply are a method of showcasing special effects by tying together a lose story by stringing along a series of chase scenes.  They are predictable, and now that the realm of special effects is limitless, they are visually boring as well.  Why am I spending so much time talking about action movies during my review of a drama?  I realized that many drama's can be much the same.  Take a lose plot and string it along with a series of dramatic interactions with the conclusion being equally predictable.  I call these type of movies, dramactions.  The original Wall Street was an exciting look into the world of the late 80's bull market where greed was good.  Now that we have learned that greed was immoral, flash forward 20 years to the financial crisis of 2008.  Now we mix greed with green and too big to fail as the backdrop.  This could be a really good movie.  Also insert a Gordon Gecco that is crying foul about the current practices on Wall Street.  Unfortunately, insert a tale of a young man and woman about to be married.  Make that woman Gordon Gecco's daughter and also make her the benefactor of a 150 million dollar trust that her wall street fiance doesn't know about.  Plot twist and dramatic chase scenes and you have a dramaction that ties everything all pretty.  Unlike the original Wall Street that saw Bud Fox being escorted away in tears in handcuffs, this sequel sees everyone crying for joy.  Two thumbs down


Kansas Bob said...

Where was Charlie Sheen in this remake??

I liked the flick more than you did but do not think I'll watch it again. However, it was better than There Must be Blood. :)

Kansas Bob said...

Or was that There will be Blood?

jrchaard said...

Oh Bob, why must you post such daggers