Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau Movie Review

The Adjustment bureau.  This is a standard story of fate and love.  In this case, a love so strong and meant to be that no matter what forces or risks come in its way, it cannot be stopped, even by the chairman.  You have to watch this movie and suspend disbelief, not because you are asked to, but because you don’t want to deal with all of the holes in the plot.  How about I ruin the movie for you and outline some of them.  This story is about a senator to be that has a chance meeting with a woman in a bathroom while practicing his concession speech.  She was meant by the forces upstairs to adjust the young senator into not giving up politics.  She unknowingly succeeds, but their chemistry is so strong, a kink in the plan erupts.  The plan is displayed by some sort of cryptic diagram on a notebook carried by caseworkers that fill in for angels.  The rest of the movie is about trying to iron out the ripples caused by the woman and congressman’s encounter and its adverse impact on the chairman, we can assume God, plan.  What is unique is that the caseworkers reveal themselves and their purpose to the congressman, rather than trying to play hide and seek.  The only condition he had to uphold was to not mention their existence.   For some reason, the chairman handicaps his angelic caseworkers by only allowing them to travel using a series of doors that transport them all over the city, so long as they have their hat on.  I wonder how the chairman and caseworkers traveled and looked 2000 years ago.   In the end, the congressman and woman come together despite facing their elimination, and pass the test.  The test being that the chairman only allows those worthy of truly having free will.  The rest of us go through life according to plan, nudged along the way by case workers.  I didn’t turn it off, so two thumbs turned sideways. 


Kansas Bob said...

On my NF queue. Maybe I will catch it when I get back to KC.

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