Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knight and Day Movie Review

I am a highly critical movie watcher.  However, when I’m asked to suspend all disbelief, I can do so.  A spoof movie, done tastefully, is one of the few comedy formats I can tolerate.  Knight and Day is just this type of movie.  There will be no academy awards for best pictures, screenplay, directing, acting, or special effects, but that is okay.  I was able to watch the movie with my wife and be entertained.  This is the second Tom Cruise movie that Hollywood and box office said were horrible, but I still enjoyed.  The first being the very good Valkyrie.  Perhaps Hollywood has it in for Tom Cruise.  (I loved his performance in Tropic Thunder).  Anyway, Knight and Day is about a super spy with some skills that would make Napoleon Dynamite get a date to the dance or become student council president and an innocent girl on her way to her sister’s wedding.  The two come together as Cruise plants something on Diaz to get it through customs at the airport.  On the plane, Diaz flirts with Cruises character and excuses herself to the bathroom.  While in the bathroom, Cruise fights all the passengers and crew that appear to have been there only to confront Diaz.  When Diaz returns from the bathroom, she doesn’t notice Cruises handiwork.  She proceeds to give him a kiss.  He then very politely explains that the pilots are dead.  She laughs at the ridiculousness of the statement, but then realizes something is indeed wrong when the cabin doors swing open and closed.  Cruise then goes to the cabin and crash lands the plane in a field, drugs Diaz for her safety, and escapes.  This is pretty much how the whole movie goes as the pairs feeling for each other continue to grow through far-fetched scene after far-fetched scene.  But that was okay, because even the special effects were cheesy.  For entertainment factor, this movie get two thumbs up.

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Kansas Bob said...

I liked it too. Also liked Valkyrie. I like Tom and think he is like so many other box office draws that always get snubbed by the professional reviewers.