Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RACISM and money

I have never found the logic in racism.  Judging a person based on their mere appearance seems the most fruitless of methods of deciding a persons worth.  When I read through my bible, I think of the sprawling city and cultural epicenter of Jerusalem.  I imagine it being crowded with people from all over.  That implies people of all different colors.  What I never see in the bible is Jesus making an aside to speak to people based on their color.  He doesn't tell us to think of people based on color or judge people based on color, or for any other reason for that matter. 
Unfortunately, despite having overcome any legal means of discriminating against minorities in this country, people cannot let go of the divisiveness of color judgment.  Right now, with our entire nation on the brink of economic  collapse due to bloated deficit spending, some are finally asking for cuts in spending.  For many dependent on the spending, it will be difficult to adjust, but for those in the position of power of allocating those funds, it will be an all out war.  Recently, members of the congressional black caucus spoke at an event.  The topic of the their speech involved attacking the “Tea Party”, who are the most vocal advocates for government spending.   Their moderate comments in reference to the Tea Party included, “go to their homes and blow them up”, “They want to see you hanging from a tree”, “their actions are motivated out of racism”.  These are beyond inflammatory and I should be offended.   But I’m not offended at the direct attack at what I would like to see happen to our budget.  I’m offended at the implied racism of these comments as well as the implicit racism in the policies of the left.
You see, I think it is racism to imply that minorities are more in NEED of federal spending that non-minorities.  I think it is racism to imply that minorities are the only recipients of federal spending.  If I were a minority, I would be offended that people that look like me must receive a government hand out to make it in the world.  Let’s take their argument at face value, that government programs are designed specifically for minorities, isn’t that racism in and of itself, just racism against the majority.  This has to be true for their argument to be valid.  I think that tying minority success to government spending has done nothing more that inhibit progress for the minority community over the last 50 years.    In fact the income gap between blacks and whites has actually increased under our first black president.  Not because he is black, but because he has pushed through the most amount of government spending.  If we want to end racism, let’s end all federal discretionary spending. 

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Kansas Bob said...

On the flip side :)

50 years after the Civil Rights movement, among the African American community these things are way higher than whites:

+ unemployment;
+ incarcerations;
+ crime.

I am not blaming racism but I do think that it may take more than decades to undo hundreds of years of heinous racial oppression.

I agree with Bill Cosby that the answers need to come from African Americans rather than whites.