Wednesday, August 17, 2011

V for Vendetta Movie Review

I’m not a big fan of super hero comic book movies.  There are some exceptions, such as the novel approach taken in Unbreakable and Watchmen.  V for Vendetta is also one of these movies.  The importance of the movie is freedom, freedom from tyranny and from fear.    The message of the movie is also about how you have to tolerate some freedoms you might not agree with yourself so that you can experience the ones that you do.  For me, personally, I am willing to tolerate those freedoms because in doing so, I’m allowing God to be the judge and not myself.   I’m allowing room for God in society.  I don’t just like the movie for the message, I also liked Hugo Weaving’s character, V.  He has a compelling voice just as he did in the Matrix.  The supporting cast and plot also carried the movie well.  Ultimately, V is inspiring to me in that it displays on screen the type of reaction I hope people show one day to the ever growing government big brother.   I also like how John Hurt plays the Big Brother figure on the screen as a nod to his role as a man in fear of the big brother on the screen in 1984.  I give this movie two knives up.

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Kansas Bob said...

Based on your review I will have to see this one sometime.