Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Debt Movie Review

This is one of the few reviews I will do of a movie that is in current release.  The movie is about 3 Mossad agents in 1966 trying to track down the fictional equivalent of Dr. Mengle.   Overall, I think the movie tried doing a little too much.  There was a love triangle between the two male agents and one female agent.  It is as if highly trained professionals just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.   Many movies interject a love element that only detracts from the movie.  I realize that the outcome of the love triangle is important for other elements of the film, but it could have been more easily written out.   Just as a side note, I think of the big WW2 pics about a decade or more ago, Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor.  I was so thankful they stuck to the brotherly love of combat in saving private ryan over skirt chasing pilots in pearl harbor.  Anyway, another element they introduced was the devious villain, the nazi doctor that was their objective.  He was creepy and you hoped he would get was coming to him.  The story switched from 1997 with the adult agents dealing with some sort of tortured element from their successful mission, especially the female agent, who now has a daughter that has written a book about her mother and father’s daring mission.  The mother, played by Helen Mirren is so reluctant to be a part of the book, you know something isn’t true.  The movie then flashes back to the mission as it plays out.  This was the best part of the movie and could have been the entire movie to better effect.  Spoiler Alert: As you guessed it, the mission doesn’t go according to plan and the doctor gets away, which means that you now know that these agents have been living a lie, and you know why one of the agents killed themselves in the opening 5 minutes.  One element that played out very well was making the doctor, who is now practicing in East Germany, an obgyn.   The Jewish female agent must go and see this doctor claiming fertility problems to confirm his identity.  She must put herself in the absolutely most vulnerable position for the sake of the mission.  This was well done and you as an audience member also felt the discomfort.  Overall, I give this movie two thumbs up for entertainment purposes, not for acting or academy awards reasons. For a really good Mossad movie, I suggest Munich.

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Jimmy Jarred said...

It was a very thoughtful film which I still remember. The best part of the movie was the climax and conclusion which was highly satisfying.
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