Monday, September 26, 2011

The Legal Fringe:MO to Ban Facebook Contact between Teachers and Students

I often depart from traditional conservatism in my deep belief in the limitation of government and personal accountability.  Recently, Missouri has been in the spot light for the bill it passed and is now working to revise to limit the possibility of a student child relationship through social media.  Basically, it makes it illegal for a teach to have individual contract with a child through social media, such as facebook.  Posting on the wall would be okay, but doing chat or private message would be illegal.  The purpose here is to keep teachers or students from initiating more intimate contact.  Sounds fair enough and as a good conservative, you should want to keep the teachers in line and children safe. 

But to quote Vito Corleone, I'm a reasonable man.  There is already a law that makes a relationship between a student and teacher illegal, do we need more.  Is this really a deterrent.  I mean, if two individuals are already interested in going down this path, I don’t think a law limiting their contact will do anything to prevent it from happening.  It doesn’t physically prevent them from communicating this way, just punishes the teacher for doing so, which should really only be an issue if the relationship was inappropriate, which is covered under the law already.  To me, it seems like the push for gun control.  The only people that are affected by gun control are those that would purchase and own a gun legally anyway.  The criminals are going to get their weapon one way or another, so why make everyone else defenseless.  I know e-mail and facebook isn’t up to that level, but isn’t it about attacking a constitutional right to speech in the name of protecting us.  Again, the relationship is already illegal outside of this new law.  Why allow such a fringe law that only desensitizes us to other infringements on our speech.  I say no. 
And as a side point, there is a lot of news now about some teacher that called a tea party member a nazi.  While I may not agree, the teacher was not at an official school function, and while there were students there, it wasn’t a mandated class.  If a person becomes a teacher, does that mean they cannot have independent thought.  We have a real problem with this stuff going on in the classroom before captive audiences.  Let’s not water it down by punishing people for what is said outside of the classroom.  One of my most respected teachers in highschool was as liberal as they get, but he never brought it into the classroom, and he never punished me for my beliefs.

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Kansas Bob said...

Good stuff! I agree with you and the Don.