Monday, September 19, 2011

Limitless Movie Review

Limitless was an interesting movie.  I found the concept intriguing enough to keep my attention through the end of the movie.  The story follows that an inspired writer with little to no motivation in life bumps into his ex-wife's brother, who slips him an experimental drug.  Through the main characters narration, he finds himself taking a drug that a relative stranger gave him that is experimental.  The drug is designed to allow the user to use more than the normal 20% of his brain.  Upon first use, the main character was able to recall small details of information he had experienced during his life, he was also able to write 90 pages of his stalled novel.   Since the drug only lasts a day, he then hunts down his brother in law to get more.  Unfortunately, his brother-in-law is dead, but that allows him to steal the large supply of this new drug as well as some starter cash for his new brain.  He starts of small, doing things like finishing his book, learning the piano, learning new languages, getting back with his freshly ex-girlfriend.  He then decides to make some money.  To do so, he needs some cash and decides to get a loan from the russian mafia.  He's not worried because he knows he will be able to earn the money back playing the stock market.  Sure enough, he makes a couple of million dollars in no time, catching the attention of some large investors.  He forgot to pay back the mafia who come collecting the cash, which is not a problem.  The problem is that the mafia figure takes one of the drugs off of the main character and becomes addicted.  This is the first issue he now must face.  The other one is that his accelerated use of the drug has made him miss massive periods of time during the day.  He does things that he doesn't remember.  He also finds out that the drug is killing people.  The story arc goes, loser does loser things, then he finds a drug, and he becomes super smart.  He does all the things you think you would do if you had the brain capacity to do it, or the time as in ground hog day.  Learning isn't enough, so he wants power and money, now we get into a cascade of bad issues, with drug addiction, mafia, and intrigue.  In the end, he levels out and overcomes his obstacles.  From an entertainment perspective, I give this movie two thumbs up. 

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