Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Madness of King Obama: Stimulus Redux

This morning I watched as the details of Obama’s big jobs program have come out.  He is going to propose 300 billion in STIMULUS spending, but won’t call it stimulus of course.  It will contain a 1 year extension of unemployment, because nothing stimulates more than joblessness.  It will contain money for public workers laid off due to state budget cuts, you have to reward your base.  And you must also include more “shovel ready” jobs through public works projects.  Oh, and just so you can include tax cuts in the same sentence as big government spending, he will propose a 1 year extension of the payroll tax cut.  One trillion dollars of this stuff didn’t do anything but make things worse, so why not add another 300 billion.   I know I was expecting this, but the audacity of proposing such a thing is madness.
The idea of using such reckless methods to cure the economy made me think about the movie, The Madness of King George.   In the movie, the poor king suffered from porpheria, which, when it was in effect, would cause the ‘madness’.   The funny thing about the movie was watching a trio of doctors attempt to use the treatments of the day to cure him, treatments that we as the viewer know are totally ineffective and actually harmful.  One doctor obsessed about the king’s stool samples.  Another would do torturous physical things to burn or leach the illness out of the King.  So, running on the treadmill, I see this news break, and I thought of Obama and his team as a bunch of crazy doctors trying out their medieval cures for the economy.   We as the country must endure the punishment even though it is actually making us worse, yet the doctors don’t care. 

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