Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: A Protest in Ignorance.

The success of failure of the Occupy Wall Street movement hinges on the ignorance of those watching the over the top coverage of these limited protests.   It is billed as our version of the Arab spring that ushered in a new set of radicals to replace old despots across the middle east.   The problem with this comparison is that the radical is already in power.  The protestors are a fa├žade.  It would be like Quadafi funding his own revolution against him if we are to believe their authenticity.   The truth is that these “protestors” are being organized and funded by leftist organizations, such as the Billionaire funded  In the same breath that these people speak out against capitalism as the reason for the world’s ills, they take in sustenance provided for them from a billionaire’s pocket book.  I would feel like such a lemming.   A true point of irony I find is that so many of these people are supposed to be college educated intellectuals, you know, the people that go to school so they will know how to run your life.   All I have to do is listen to a single interview from one of these protestors and I can figure out why our education system is broken. 
Another aspect of difference between these protestors and the arab spring radicals is that there is no way they would support the removal of Obama from office.  Think about it, a “grassroots” protest against the system, but the current leader of the system is exempt from their criticism.  I have never ever heard of such a thing.  If this were real, it wouldn’t matter who was in office.  These “discontents” would speak out against the President of any party.   And as a sure sign of the alignment between Obama and the occupiers is that he has stated that they are just good intentioned folks with legit anxieties about our financial institutions.  Contrast this with his views on the tea partiers.  Tea party folk are mostly employed middle class people that are tired of being squeezed by taxes, squeezed by growing deficits, and squeezed by increasing regulation.  They are people that are just trying to live the American dream without the government getting in the way.  Obama and his administration view these folks as domestic terrorists and racists.   The occupiers close down bridges, threaten to hack wall street, and get arrested for other unrest.  Their numbers are in the mere hundreds at locations outside of Wall Street.  The Tea party have rallies in the thousands with no unrest.  The occupiers call out a “jew” conspiracy of bankers.  Andrew Breitbart has offered a reward of 100k dollars to anyone providing evidence of racism at the Obamacare Pelosi walk, a reward that has gone uncollected.   
You must suspend all sense of rationality to believe in the authenticity of the occupy movement.  Really, the only occupier movement we need to be concerned about is the one taking place in the White House.

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Kansas Bob said...

You might enjoy David Brooks column on the Occupy Wallstreeters titled The Milquetoast Radicals.