Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unknown Movie Review

Okay, so I’m a sucker for a movie set in Germany in which German is spoken, so I enjoyed Unknown for that reason.  I also enjoy Liam Neeson in pretty much anything.  Unknown is a mystery movie with hints of wanting to be an action movie.   Finding out what is Unknown at the end of the movie is not so difficult as you feel like you have seen this movie before (any of the bourne movies), but it is told in a compelling enough way that you are still drawn in and entertained.  There are the clichéd scenes where the villain gives a full reveal to the main character rather than just killing him, as well as the most ridiculous car chase scenes.  I hate car chase scenes.  There is nothing more predictable in a movie when you have a car chase scene in the middle of the movie.  You know the conclusion before it begins.  I guess a couple of exceptions would be those interestingly enough done by Christopher Nolan in Inception and Batman Dark Knight.  Anyway, Unknown is a movie starring Liam Neeson who suffers a head injury shortly after arriving in Germany with his wife for a Bio Chemistry summit.   After 4 days in a coma, Neeson awakes in a German hospital.  He has lost some of his memory, but knows his name, why he is in Germany and that he loves his wife.    But where is his wife.  Neeson leaves the hospital despite the doctors warning to return to the hotel he and his wife were to stay in.  He has no identification, so he has a hard time getting in.  Once he shows the hotel security his wife, they escort him over to her, but to his surprise, she doesn’t know who he is.   The remainder of the film is Neeson’s struggle to regain his memory.  As it unfolds, it is clear that things aren’t as simple as that.  Ultimately, upon gaining his memory, he is given a choice to remain who he was, or seek redemption through who he has become.

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