Monday, November 21, 2011

Captain America Movie Review

I don't normally watch action movies, but I made an exception so that I could screen the movie before my daughter viewed for a birthday party.  Captain America did not upset my normalcy.  The flick started out well enough.  It didn't move at too fast a pace.  They took their time in developing an introducing protagonist and antagonist.  You had a general feeling for who they are and what motivates them.  Unfortunately, once Captain America started doing Captain America things, the movie moved at such a fast and jerky pace that you had no real sense of what the goal was and why each mission might be important.  Instead, a whole bunch of new characters are introduced, of which they were all very inconspicuously diverse (I don't know if the comics were that way, but sometimes you sacrifice a sense of realism for diversity and it doesn't pay off),   You could tell they were all supposed to be cool or comical, but just as in the Clash of the Titans remake, you really could care less about any of them and their contribution to the story, which became non-existent.  There are fights and chases, and a climax that could best be described as weak and meaningless.  Also, if you are looking for any patriotism here, don't look for it.  America only references the place he is born.  There is no real nationalism in this movie.


Kansas Bob said...

I probably liked it only slightly more than you did. I saw Green Lantern last week and like it a little better but not sure you would care for it as well.

jrchaard said...

I've heard bad things about GL too. It isn't on my list