Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Despicable Me Movie Review

What rhymes with Despicable Me?   Answer, Despicable Movie.  Our family was high off the fun of Megamind, a movie we all enjoyed and have enjoyed many times since our first viewing.  Even the youngest of our kids were quoting lines.  We were hoping to repeat this fun with a movie that had a similar premise, Despicable Me.  The movie is about a person who was destined to be a villain because of the negative influence of his mother and his odd appearance, think of Igor.  Since he is a villain, he wants to be the best villain of all, competing against other villains that must go to the bank of evil to get loans to fund their evil projects.  Unfortunately, in this movie, everyone is a villain.  There are no decent people at all, that is until Gru, the main character, adopts three girls so that he can use them to infiltrate another villains layer so that he can steal something.  There's no surprise here as he starts to actually care for the kids.  The climax comes as he must choose between his villainous plans and attending the girls recital.  When he makes the wrong choice, he must then fight the other villain to save his girls.  The conclusion is that he wins and he keeps the girls.  Aside from the predictability of the plot, other things that worked poorly were the voice acting, steve carrell did horrible, the humor, since there was no real humor, the writers tried using the word "poop" to create laughter, but failed, and the general dialogue was boring.  Perhaps if the bar hadn't been raised so high by Megamind, I might have found the movie somewhat slightly entertaining.  My kids did enjoy the movie, and I suppose they are the real audience, but with Megamind, the whole family enjoys viewing it together.  I doubt we will do that with this movie.  Oh yeah, the minions in this movie were lame.  No matter how hard they tried, it was lame. 

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the review. I depend on you for feedback on cartoons.