Friday, November 18, 2011

The Futility of Shoe Laces

There are few activities that mark the emergence for a child from preschool into grade school like learning how to tie your shoes.  It means that you have acquired the complex dexterity and ability to remember instructions needed to achieve a task that will allow you to independently put on your shoes.  Velcro has stifled the need to learn this skill by putting of for many years.  Why should a child have to learn this skill when they have already achieved this independence since they are were 2.   Because I hate tying my shoes only to have them come undone, and because I have many small children that all wear velcro shoes that don't need to be retied, I have thought through the futility of laces. 
Has technology not come far enough in shoe and velcro design that we all can't wear velcro shoes?  I believe laces have hung on so long because adults don't want to be associated with the velcro of their youth.  It is like saying to a kid, not only can they not have a drink or drive a car or vote, they also can't tie their own shoes.  I advocate for a lace free movement when it comes to athletic shoes.  Many dress shoes have already turned into fancy slippers.  Athletic shoes need to be more secure than a slipper, but surely a velcro strap can accomplish this task.   Let's send the shoelace companies to the  same pages in history as milk men, buggy whip manufacturers, and ice plants.


Kansas Bob said...

Nike has answered your prayers. Check it out!

jrchaard said...

those look nice. And think what it would do for people with arthritis or other ailments