Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Megamind Movie Review

I’m not one to look for spiritual equivocation in movies, but I couldn’t help it when it came to Megamind.  The premise of Megamind is what would happen if a somebody with superpowers would land in a bad environment as opposed to a good one.  Megamind escapes his planet before its destruction, but so does metroman.  They are both traveling to earth.  Metroman lands in a mansion while Megamind lands in a prison for the criminally gifted.   Because of their environment, Megamind becomes a criminal and Metroman becomes superhero.  Megamind felt he was living out his destiny and thought if he was destined to be bad, he would be the baddest there is.   Megamind’s world is thrown upside, however, when one of his plans to destroy Metroman succeeds.  Without his nemesis around, Megamind feels empty and depressed.  He no longer feels fulfillment in his evil pursuits.  Inspired by the reporter that he has captured time and again, he decides to create a superhero to fill that void.  He injects Metroman’s super powers into a bumbling TV cameraman and sets about training this person to become a new hero, Titan, so that Megamind can once again find purpose.  While Megamind is training Titan, he is simultaneously falling in love with the reporter.  Because Megamind is using a disguise, she has no idea she is falling for Megamind.   Megamind begins to question his evil existence, going so far as telling Minion, his minion, that he doesn’t want to be evil anymore.  Meanwhile, Megamind’s attempt to create a hero backfires in that Titan doesn’t want to use his powers for good, but rather for selfish pursuits.  Essentially, Megamind has created a super villain.  Megamind is now faced with a choice.  He can reject the belief that he is destined to be evil and instead make the willful heart choice to be good.  Megamind makes the good choice and defeats Titan.
Where I find the parallels in Christ is that this movie is all about heart choices, heart choices for good and evil.  What made any of the characters good or evil was not their deeds, but from what within their heart motivated them to do them.   Metroman chose to use his powers to be selfless while Titan chose to use those same powers for bad.  The only variable between the two of them was their heart.  Megamind showed that there is no such thing as being destined to be good or evil, that it is a choice.  He also showed that you can overcome your circumstance and still make the right choice. 
Christ is about choice.  Christ is not looking for works, he is looking for choice.  It doesn’t matter how you were raised, in a mansion or a prison.  It doesn’t matter what you have done, been a super villain terrorizing metro city your whole life.    It doesn’t matter what words of destiny have been spoken over your life.  You can choose with your heart.
Also, the movie is pretty entertaining.  My wife really likes it.

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