Thursday, November 17, 2011

Return of Zulubuff

I have been on a vacation for the last 5 weeks following the birth of my 7th child, Jack.  I decided to take a break from blogging as well, but now with less than a year left until the next election, I am back and ready to go.   As a recap of the last 5 weeks, my wife and I had our 7th child.  I stayed home and helped around the house and spent extended time with the kids.  We didn't do anything like a trip, just living day to day with one another.  There were highs and lows.  I am now back at work and miss my family time, but also glad to be back working at my career.


Kansas Bob said...

Welcome Back!!

jrchaard said...

thanks Bob. I almost started it by saying "to my one follower"

Kansas Bob said...

Not sure that I have much more than one reader these days myself. :)