Friday, December 2, 2011

The Freedom to Celebrate Christmas

It is that time of year where I examine the celebration of Christmas with my understanding of biblical principles.  Some may feel it is hummbugness, but I assure you it is not.  It is simply a reflection of my own journey with Christ and is not meant to be a judgment on those that disagree.  So, with that disclaimer out of the way, here is what I am currently pondering.  Every year, for the 30 or so days leading up to Christmas, there is story after story about how this city won’t allow a Christmas tree, or how this school won’t allow Santa to come, or this thing or that.  Even before I was a believer, it got me all in a tizzy because it was an attack on the traditions I held sacred.  In my secularness, I protested freedom to practice my religion.   How can a state tell me no Santa or no Christmas tree.  The answer to that question is easy.  You cannot point to 95% of the Chistmas traditions as having any biblical basis.  I’m not saying people can’t derive meaning from something, but there is nothing describing Santa or a Christmas tree.   If the governor of Rhode Island wants to call a Christmas tree a holiday tree, he is welcome to it.  He didn’t actually change or affect anything that had to do with my faith, which when I didn’t have real faith, greatly brought me down.
As my journey in my faith has brought me to a place where fewer and fewer traditions, such as Santa and trees, dominates my celebration of the birth of Christ, I have felt more and more liberation in reflecting on this day in which God became flesh and prophecies began to be fulfilled.  The liberation is that nothing anyone can do externally can impact my own relationship with God and the celebration of Christ.  If I see a story about a tree, I laugh a giddy laugh as I realize the liberation my faith has brought me.  It’s kind of like when Jesus said let the dead bury their own.   In this circumstance, it is letting the ‘dead’ celebrate their own.  In the spirit of the Lord, there is Freedom.  This Christmas, I’m celebrating Freedom.

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Kansas Bob said...

Good stuff! If only others felt the same way Scott.