Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pit Bull Mauls Jogger in Chicago

My worst nightmare was realized this last week by a jogger who was mauled while jogging lakeside in Chicago.  A 62 year old man was viciously attacked by a pair of pit bulls that "treated the man like a steak".  Police ended up fatally shooting one of the muscular beasts, to which an owner is unknown.  Anyone that knows me knows that I like to run.  They also know that I do not like dogs, especially when I'm running, and of all dogs, I like pit bulls the least.  I know dog owners defend their precious pooches as having the same rights as I do, but the last I checked, God made me and not dogs in his likeness, and he gave man, not man and dog dominion over the animals.  Translated, that means I have more of a right to jog than a dog owner has to let their 'well-trained" dogs off of their leashes.  I also question anyone that finds beauty in animals that are bred for their bite efficiency.   One bad moment for a dog like this means the end of a person's life as they know it.  Anyway, I'm just rambling because I get so worked up about these stories.  Maybe I should stop the daily news feed for pit bull attacks.

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Kansas Bob said...

Glad that those vicious mutts were not out this summer when I was walking along the lake in Chicago. Hard to explain how owners defend pit bulls.