Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Destroy The Constitution

The wonderful thing about our Constitution is that it has its own self-destruct mechanism, it is called the amendment process.  Unfortunately for those that really want to destroy our Constitution, they cannot use the amendment process as it brings to light the intent of its destruction.  Instead, the constitution has been shredded through the use of the commerce clause and necessary and proper clause.  It has been shredded by Executive order or lack of executive enforcement.  It has been shredded by executive branch through bureaucracy, executive order, or non-enforcement.  However, the question remains how is it that such a destruction can take place.  If a similar approach to governance was taken 100 years ago, it would have been stopped.   
I believe the driving force behind how it is that the left is able to dismantle our constitution and our identity before our very eyes lies within the politics of people division.  I passionately believe that we are all people created in God’s image.  Our variety is a reflection of His creativity in His creation.  As long as can be recorded, man has taken it upon himself to constantly divide people based on appearance, faith, and national identity.  Our own nation was founded with the principle of “We the People”, not “We the divided peoples”.  However, our nations original sin, slavery, contradicted this founding statement, and the 100 years following the abolition of slavery did little more to heal the sin.  But once the breach is mended before the law, it is mended.  Since then, the left has seized upon the opportunity a wounded and guilt filled nation presented to rip open the scab and add continues incision upon incision to the wound.   
By calling out each and every type of identity, whether race, gender or ideological, the left has segmented our nation into groups  that have no unified voice.  To counter this division, the right has divided its own base up into sub groups, also incapable of offering a unified voice.  Therefore, when we are faced with such a blatant disregard for our Constitution and what used to be our own national identity, each sub group is too paralyzed by their own self-interests to effectively offer a single voice of opposition.  Imagine our country like a football team.  To win, the team must play as one.  When players practice, they work within their own specialty, like receivers, offensive line, or defensive backs to focus on their specific skills.  However, they must also come together to combine their specific skill with those of the other players to make a seamless offense or defense.  If the defensive backs said they would not practice with the defensive line because it takes away from their ability to focus on their specific skill, they will not know how to integrate together and compensate for one another’s weaknesses.  If a running back blows through the line, but the defensive backs are in pass coverage, do they just continue to guard their man or zone and let the running back go?  We know such a team would lose, and that is what is happening with our country.  We are so busy covering our own man, we have lost track of the game as a whole. 
To stop the assault our country is experiencing internally and externally, we must stop allowing ourselves to be segmented into disparate groups.  I realize that people like to feel comfortable by being around similar people and this will be a hard task.  If we can look past our own noses, we can see ourselves as a nation together, and we might actually get a little fired up about what is happening to our nation.

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Kansas Bob said...

"we must stop allowing ourselves to be segmented into disparate groups"

And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. (Acts 2:45 ESV)