Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama's Arab Spring Comes To Afghanistan

Remember the wonders of the Arab Spring last year.  Remember how ecstatic the media and the administration was as radical islamists overthrew secular dictators throughout the middle east.  Of course, it came more than a year too late for Iran when a genuine uprising of freedom erupted in Iran to the sound of crickets from Obama, the media, and the international community.  Now that spring is coming again, it is time for another round of toppling protests.  Syria is the hot spot right now, but now emerging on the scene is Afghanistan. 
Due to the inadvertent burning of a book, Afghanistan is now erupting into several days of violent protests.  Let's be honest on a couple of levels here.  #1, do we really think that the burning of a book is enough to set people off into a violent tizzy.  #2, Do we really think our mission in Afghanistan will be successful if actions like these set the country ablaze.  
Just as the skyrocketing oil prices may be the unintended consequences of various Obama policies, I think the protests in Afghanistan, if they are sustained, may also be the unintended consequences of supporting the arab spring protests in other areas. And when I say unintended, I only mean it to say the timing of it happening in an election year.  Think of how big a debacle the whole Afghanistan thing could be if the Taliban realized that they could lay down their weapons, sort of, and simply get everyone to protest, and push the US and Karzai out of power.  Certainly, we must consider them as legitimate as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  They have the same goal of instituting Islamic law. 

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