Thursday, March 22, 2012

Obama's All Of The Above Approach Exposes Lies

The high price of gas is horrible.  It affects every aspect of the economy from the price of shipping all products to the affect it has on people’s disposable income.  There is no escaping its affects.  Unemployment is bad, but it is specifically bad for those that are unemployed.  All the myriad of regulations are bad, but you don’t know its affect unless you are directly involved in an aspect of the regulations scope.  Basically, so much of the destruction that has been wreaked on the nation for decades by the left, and accelerated by the Obama administration, has been felt indirectly. 
The left has been successful in their ability to lie about the negative effects of their policies.  For example, they say unemployment is going down, but in order to make that claim, they must decrease the total number of jobs available in the job market through slight of hand maneuvers.  The reality is there are less jobs in the job market than there were 3 years ago.
The fuel price crisis allows everyone the opportunity to see the Obama’s lies unmasked.  As the price continues to rise, more than double the price when he took office, the president is stating that he is taking an “all of the above” approach to energy.  He stands by a pipeline and says he is going to push it through, though he has no ability to do so, meanwhile, the pipeline he can influence is unchanged.  He says we can’t drill our way out of the problem, but says we have more drilling than when he took office.  He says we can’t give 4 billion to oil companies, while he is spending billions on unproven and unwanted “green technologies.   The truth is that it doesn’t matter what he says this time.  At least once a week, everybody gets a reminder that he has either increased the problem, done nothing to help the problem, or whatever he has done has not worked.  Obama cannot run and hide from this issue. This issue does not stand apart from an otherwise stellar presidency.  This issue epitomizes the idealism and foolishness apparent in everything he takes on, from healthcare to foreign policy.  Carter had the misery index, perhaps Obama will have the idealism to realism ratio.

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