Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama's Policies Enact Plantation Culture for the Entitlement Class

If you simply read the title of this post, you would think that I was making an insensitive comparison between those that are recipients of the many government programs, such as welfare, and the slaves of the south prior to emancipation.  Quite the contrary.  The actual comparison I'm making is to say that those that do not work, but are capable of doing so, for which all of their needs are being provided for through government programs are more like plantation owners. 
In the plantation days, you had a few southern, you guessed it, democrats that had plantations.  They were sprawling estates that dwarfed the relative poverty of those all around them, a kind of 99% to 1% thing of the day.  On these estates, the plantation owners had slaves.  These men and woman were forced to give the fruits of their labor to those that engaged in little to no work, aside from enjoying the fruits of the slave's labors.  With a touch of irony, the non slave owning, but free men of the south went to war and were willing to die for the Democrats cause.  They went to war against, you guessed it, the Republicans from the north that believed in freedom for all men and that the idea of benefiting from another person's labor against that person's will is against democracy. 
Now let's contrast the slavery of old to the slavery of new.  For the sake of argument, we will exclude the inhumane treatment of the slaves of the south and the fact that they were taken from their native lands and simply focus on the use of their labor.  If we define slavery as using one person's labor for the benefit of another person against the will of the person performing the labor, than our current system of taxes and entitlements is governmental slavery.  The harder you work, the more of your labor is taken away and given to people that, while capable of working, are simply content sitting in their living room watching the TV.  And all of the same parties are at play here that were at play 150 years ago.  You have the Democrats defending slavery and Republicans fighting against slavery.  But it isn't the same thing at all you say?  Let's suppose you are self-employed.  You make $100,000.   During the course of that year, as you earned that money, you also earned a debt.   The debt is to the government.  If you do not pay that debt, you will be treated harshly, including jail.  The government for our purposes is simply the middleman between the the taxpaying laborer and the government beneficiary "master".  It didn't profit our nation then, and it doesn't profit us now in its new form.

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