Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Greatest 2012 Presidential Campaign Commercial That Could Be

This is my idea for a campaign commercial.  
The screen starts black
In all white font, the following appears: “Surveys show a majority of Americans believe in angels”
“In January 2009, President Obama came to Washington bringing with him a band of angels”
“You can’t always see them, but they are there”
Now you play a montage of scenes.  In each scene, there is a regular person doing regular person things.  Next to them in every task they do is a person wearing black pants, a white button down collar shirt with mirrored glasses and a clipboard. 
Scene 1:
A woman stands in the cereal aisle of a grocery store.  Her cart is full of various things and she has a small toddler sitting in the child seat.  The woman has a list in her hand as she looks over all of her choices.  As she reaches for a box of “sugary yum yum”, the Obama angel appears in screen and stops her from grabbing the box of cereal.  The angel says, “nope”, and instead grabs a box of “government O’s” and hands it to the lady.
Scene 2:
A man is standing at a car lot talking to a salesman.  The salesman says “I really think this car is you.”  The man responds by saying, “ I think you are right.”  As the salesman extends the keys to the man, the Obama angel appears in screen and intercepts the keys.  He doesn’t say anything, but instead rolls a bicycle over to the now perplexed man.
Scene 3:
A man stands in the middle of a prairie.  There are no structures or trees anywhere to be scene.  He has a shovel over his shoulder and looks all around with a sense of satisfaction that this land is his and that with the first dig of his shovel, he will put his mark on the place he worked so hard to acquire.  As he slings the shovel off of his shoulder, and gets ready to push the tip into the soil, an Obama angel appears on screen and stops the man.  The man is confused.  The Obama angel gets down on all fours with a magnifying glass and gestures to the man to look.  Now in focus is some sort of tiny insect.  Now cut back to the Obama angel, who is shaking his head no.
Scene 4:
A child is standing in the class room getting ready to say the pledge of allegiance.  He places his hand over his heart and we see a hand reach across to grab the child’s hand.  The hand is at the end of a white sleeve.  The camera zooms out as we see the Obama angel standing next to the child shaking his head no.  As the camera zooms even further out, we see a whole classroom of children with their accompanying Obama angels.  The angels are busy all over the classroom.  One is replacing the American flag with that of the UN.  Another angel is sifting through a child’s lunch.  One angel is tearing down the Declaration of Independence post off the wall.  Now the camera zooms further out and we see all around the city that wherever there was a regular person, there is an Obama angel following right next to them.
The screen turns black again
In all white font, the following appears: “Not all angels are from heaven.  In November 2012, let’s send them back to where they come from.”


Kansas Bob said...

LOL, not even Romney will go that negative.

Integrity For Life said...

So Scott .... are you saying you want to be an Obama angel ?

jrchaard said...

Yes. Just call me angel in the morning baby